Folding interior partition TRANSFORMER


TRANSFORMABLE PARTITIONS – it is a modern technological solution for creating free layout and multifunctional space. This is a new tool for interior decoration, as well as an original and aesthetic design element.

Thanks to such qualities, folding sliding walls and transformable partitions are widely used in office, retail and residential areas.

  • The possibility of overlapping a large opening. Maximum dimensions (WxDxH) 12x3. 5 m.
  • Maximum opening of the opening during assembly.
  • Compact assembly of panels in a stack.
  • Creating the effect of a blank wall.
  • Ease and speed of transformation.
  • Excellent quality of materials and finishes.

Transformable partitions are safe to use. The hardware has a European certification.                                                                      

Lineup of veneer
Models of canvases in veneer
Options for finishing the canvas
FONDO. Primed coating for painting.
  • L00 Fondo

LACCATO. Matte enamels / factory brand colors.
  • L01 Bianco

  • L02 Bianco Night

  • L03 Avorio

  • L06 Grigio Seta

  • L11 Tortora

  • L12 Sabbia

  • L13 Rocca

LACCATO GLOSS. Glossy enamels / factory brand colors.
  • LG01 Bianco Gloss

  • LG02 Bianco Night Gloss

  • LG03 Avorio Gloss

  • LG06 Grigio Seta Gloss

  • LG11 Tortora Gloss

  • LG12 Sabbia Gloss

  • LG13 Rocca Gloss

HPL. Decorative composite material.
  • HP04 Marmo Bianco

  • HP05 Marmo Grigio

  • HP06 Marmo Antracite

  • HP02 Pietra Calce

  • HP01 Pietra Piombo

  • HP03 Pietra Grafite

  • HP09 Skin Latte

VENEER. Natural veneer, matt varnish.
  • V17 Rovere Chiaro

  • V27 Rovere Americano

  • V10 Rovere Antico

  • V16 Noce Canaletto

  • V20 Noce Americano

  • V01 Noce Europeo

  • V15 Rovere Tabacco

VENEER GLOSS. Natural veneer, glossy varnish.
  • VG17 Rovere Chiaro Gloss

  • VG16 Noce Canaletto Gloss

  • VG20 Noce Americano Gloss

  • VG01 Noce Europeo Gloss

  • VG15 Rovere Tabacco Gloss

  • VG24 Rovere Fume Gloss

  • VG22 Mogano Gloss

Finishing options for the end edge of the web
ALUMINIUM. Finishing of aluminum surfaces.
  • AL09 Chrome Matt

  • AL08 Black

  • AL07 Dark Brown

  • AL06 Piombo

  • AL05 Bronze

  • AL04 Soft Bronze

  • AL02 Champagne

  • AL03 Soft Gold

Design features

Transformable rotatable-folding partition are a set of leaves which move along the rail stacked in a compact stack.
You can combine standard configurations and implement various transformation methods and partition opening schemes.
There are 2 types of transformable partitions

   1 type:

   2 type:

The lower and upper guide rails can be built into the floor and ceiling.
As part of the kit, it is possible to provide a swing door with the function of locking in the closed position.
For compact placement of a stack of canvases, a niche can be provided.
Sound insulation of the structure depends on the choice of materials and accessories used.


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