Features of doors

Ready time

The constant availability of more than 10,000 models of canvases and their components in stock makes it possible to ensure the minimum delivery time and the best price. You get a quality product at an affordable price in a short time.

Wear–resistant coating

These doors use a coating with increased wear resistance, which is characterized by a constant texture and color, resistant to temperature changes and mechanical damage, which guarantees you the durability of the door for a long service life.


Natural solid wood, an environmentally friendly material given to us by nature itself, has a natural texture and high reliability. Solid wood doors are undoubtedly the key to high quality, durability and prestige.

Natural veneer

Natural veneer (the name of Zebrano veneer, Wenge, etc.) is a thin cut from the surface of a solid trunk of a valuable wood species. This finish has a great appearance and a unique texture. These doors will give your interior a refined sophistication and nobility.

Reinforced canvas ROYAL 8+8

The canvas has a reinforced engineering structure with a thickness of 45 mm with a honeycomb filling and an 8 mm HDF facing panel on both sides, which eliminates the deformation of the product and provides increased sound insulation. You isolate yourself from unnecessary noise and can be sure of the aesthetic durability of the product you purchase.

Handmade work

Handmade decors give the product a unique personality and uniqueness. You can be proud of the sophistication and exclusivity of your doors.

Best price

The production of doors at robotic industrial enterprises in Italy allows you to provide the best price and high quality of the product. You do not overpay and get a high–quality Italian door at an affordable price.

Maximum possible height of the model

High doors visually increase the height of the room and look very impressive. High doors are made only by highly specialized Italian factories, which are able to produce canvases using special technology and special materials.

Double glass

This version of the design of the canvas allows you to install different colors of glass on the outside and inside of the door, thereby diversifying your interior.

Different finishes on both sides

Such a door can be wallpapered together with the wall, painted, applied a textured finish, pasted decorative elements or panels. It takes the form of a room and can become invisible or, conversely, its main decoration. Since these doors are placed without platbands and in the same plane with the wall, then with them you can easily embody the style of minimalism in the design of the room.

Opening inside the opening

Doors with different openings can be placed in the same plane, thus you will preserve the unity and integrity of the interior.

Reversible door

The reversible door allows you to change the decision about the opening side during installation, which allows you to avoid costly mistakes in the event of a change in the layout during the repair.

The book

Door book is a smart solution for the rational use of space in small rooms. You can put the door where the standard wing will not be able to open.

Opening at 180°

Hidden adjustable hinges allow you to open the doors at 180°.

Environmental friendliness and safety of the materials used

UNION guarantees environmental friendliness and product safety. Only water–based lacquers and paints are used in the doors. The wood used in the products is extracted on special plantations designated for controlled logging.