About the company

30 years of success


Since 1990 up today UNION company is the market leader in the production of doors and furniture. UNION always strive for excellence, concentrating its efforts on finding new ideas, implementing European quality standards, enlarging the product range and introducing the latest trends in architecture and interior design. Being an expert in interior doors and partitions development, in 2020 UNION launched to the market a new comprehensive approach to interior design. The concept of “Doors and furniture in the same style” was developed by Italian architects on request and in collaboration with UNION. This solution makes easier implementation the ideas of architects working out an interior and guarantees the stylistic unity of all elements in the design project.
UNION company production was established according to the project of Italian architects based on the latest achievements of the Italian furniture industry. Our advanced production complex operates on more than 40,000 sqm and equipped with modern Italian and German hardware matching fulfillment of any complexity orders in the required volume. Majoring the implementation of complex interior solutions, the UNION company has reached the highest level of the development, thanks to the knowledge of the Italian door and furniture manufactoring traditions, the involve of European experience, technologies and equipment, as well as understanding the customers needs and constant improvement of products and services.