Interior doors

Buying an interior door is not challenging, especially if you have an image of what it should be.  Even demanding clients will find what they need from a large selection of models available in Europe. The most important part is to choose a reliable manufacturer who is responsible for the quality of their products.

UNION company has been offering to customers the best models of interior doors within 30 years, and there is no doubt about their functionality and quality.

Swing and sliding doors, models with installation "on the ceiling", "invisible" doors, as well as other structures for overlapping the interior opening, that will allow you to create a stylish interior using modern architectural trends.

What are the features of UNION models? The company produces interior doors with a unique door leaf thickness for the domestic market – 60 mm that provides a high level of sound insulation of the door, gives stability, reduces the canvas to possible curvatures, and also adds
 solidity to the interior due to its massiveness.
UNION interior doors can have one of the hundred finishes presented in the brand's catalog. The size can also be chosen by you in accordance with the layout of your room. The variety of designs and installation methods will allow you to choose a model that will
 fit perfectly into the interior.
The range of price and quality is one of the most important rules of the company's policy, thus thousands of customers have been choosing UNION doors for 30 years. The brand's products are available not only for residents of Europe. The dealer network is spread in many cities.
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