Warranty service

Metal door Delta Pro (locks, cylinders, hinges, crossbar system, door frame mounting), excluding decorative panels2 years *6 months
Name Warranty period
private use operation on street / public domain
All UNION products 1 year 6 months
SECUREMME K2 Cylinder mounting key 1 day 1 day

* Extended warranty in case of installation of a metal door by UNION.

Warranty period for installation

Is equal to the warranty period for the product that was installed as a result of the work, but not more than one year from the date of acceptance of the work performed.

disclaimer of warranty

  • The warranty does not apply to products purchased at a discount.
  • The guarantee for entrance doors and panels (entrance from the street) is valid if a protective canopy (canopy) is installed over the door.

The warranty does not apply to:

  • A product purchased with a markdown. A product with the sign /S (sale of leftovers), where small dents, scratches and chips are allowed.
  • A product that has been exposed to water, moisture, or high or low temperature, or to chemicals or aggressive liquids (strong detergents that contain chlorine or acid compounds, any solvents, or aggressive building materials).
  • Any mechanical damage detected after the delivery of the Goods to the Buyer. On the actions of third parties лц c and the circumstances associated with the action of the latter.
  • A product that is structurally modified, painted or covered with wallpaper, which is not allowed (except for those models of the Product that are specifically designed for painting or wallpapering).
  • Product defects resulting from poor–quality installation (except when the installation is performed by the Seller). Defects caused by untimely repairs or adjustments to hinges and fittings.
  • Goods that were operated, transported or stored in violation of the law слов the words specified in the Buyer's Memo and in other documents for the Product.


The warranty period for post–warranty work is 2 months.