Inexpensive doors, aluminum box

Description of the collection

UNIX is an economical version of the door in an aluminum box with platbands. Minimalistic design with a wide range of finishes.
The color unity of the door elements: the aluminum profile of the canvas, the box, the platbands and the handle can be made in one of the 9 standard colors of the manufacturer. When installing the trim on the side of the opening об the frill is also offered in the finishing of the canvas.
The doors UNIX are designed specifically for public spaces with high traffic. This is facilitated by a strong aluminum frame of the canvas, a one-piece aluminum monoblock box with a platband and high-strength finishes: HPL, Laminat EGGER (for large batches of doors). Such a construct it gives the door increased rigidity, provides moisture resistance of the structure, resistance to damage and deformation with changes in temperature and humidity.
The convenience and simplicity of the design, as well as a more flexible system of production times, allow you to mount the doors UNIX as quickly as possible and in large quantitieslich.
- Canvas with a thickness of 45 mm, on an aluminum frame.
- Options for finishing the canvas: Laccato-matt enamel, HPL-decorative composite material, Veneer-natural veneer, Laminat EGGER-laminated chipboard (finishes according to the EGGER catalog – on request).
- Box U-System: aluminum monoblock with a platband on the opening side (basic setция ция ция ция ция ция ция ция ция). The basic finish of the box with a platband and the aluminum frame of the canvas is anodized aluminum in Chrome Matt color. It can be both a finishing finish and a base for painting. As an option, they can be in any of the colors offered by the manufacturer. 
- Visible loops HAFELE (made in Germany).
-Silent magnetic lock AGB POLARIS-ALUTOP (made in Italy).
- Option: trim on the side of the box with a doborom in the finishing of the canvas.
- Maximum dimensions: width up to 90 cm, height up to 300 cm.
DRY SKIN. Industrial application of varnishes by roll method.
  • DS01 Neve

LACCATO. Matte enamels / factory brand colors.
  • L01 Bianco

  • L02 Bianco Night

  • L03 Avorio

  • L06 Grigio Seta

  • L11 Tortora

  • L12 Sabbia

  • L13 Rocca

HPL. Decorative composite material.
  • HP04 Marmo Bianco

  • HP05 Marmo Grigio

  • HP06 Marmo Antracite

  • HP02 Pietra Calce

  • HP01 Pietra Piombo

  • HP03 Pietra Grafite

  • HP09 Skin Latte

VENEER. Natural veneer, matt varnish.
  • V17 Rovere Chiaro

  • V27 Rovere Americano

  • V10 Rovere Antico

  • V16 Noce Canaletto

  • V20 Noce Americano

  • V01 Noce Europeo

  • V15 Rovere Tabacco

ALUMINIUM. Finishing of aluminum surfaces.
  • AL09 Chrome Matt

  • AL08 Black

  • AL07 Dark Brown

  • AL06 Piombo

  • AL05 Bronze

  • AL04 Soft Bronze

  • AL02 Champagne

  • AL03 Soft Gold

Versions of the designs
Versions of the designs

Technical information

Preparation of the doorway
1. Prepare the necessary dimensions of the opening L2/H2.
Attention! Having prepared the openings for standard door sizes You save on the cost of doors! 2. The walls should be on a vertical level (without deviations) in the final finish.
3. Floors. The door is installed at the level of the finished floor. Necessary:
    - лич the quality of the finished floor;
    - the floors should be smooth, without differences.

Price per set: canvas in finish - DRY SKIN, conditional size 60/70/80/90x200/210 cm, aluminum frame of the canvas in Chrome Matt color. Box: aluminum monoblock with a platband on the opening side in the finish - Chrome Matt anodizing. Sealer, visible hinges, lock.
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