PIVOT–60 rotary door, natural veneer, glossy varnish

PIVOT–60, Alu, Vento model, natural veneer Noce Canaletto Gloss, glossy varnish. Hidden door frame, aluminum edge and handle in Piombo color.
Description of the collection
A novelty from UNION is a pivot door PIVOT–60 on a hidden door frame. The canvas is 60 mm thick in VENEER GLOSS finishes with an end aluminum edge.
Hidden aluminum door frame and end aluminum profile are available in any of 9 possible finishes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
– Door leaf 60 mm, reinforced sound insulation. Engineering construction, frame made of double timber of multilayer solid wood + two HDF panels.
– Finishing of the canvas: VENEER GLOSS – natural veneer, glossy varnish.
– Aluminum edge – additional protection and aesthetics.
– When the door height is more than 240 cm inside the canvas, mountawn (a single plane with a wall).
– Maximum dimensions: width up to 120 cm, height up to 300 cm.
VENEER GLOSS. Natural veneer, glossy varnish.
  • VG17 Rovere Chiaro Gloss

  • VG16 Noce Canaletto Gloss

  • VG20 Noce Americano Gloss

  • VG01 Noce Europeo Gloss

ALUMINIUM. Aluminum surface finishing.
  • AL09 Chrome Matt

  • AL08 Black

  • AL07 Dark Brown

  • AL06 Piombo


Technical information

Preparation of the doorway
  1. Measure the necessary dimensions of a doorway L2/H2 (width, height). For standard door sizes a discount is provided.
  2. Plaster the walls vertically (without deflections). Prepare the walls for the final finishing.
  3. The door is installed on the same level as a finishing floor. Make sure your floor is finished or you have a mark of a final floor level.  The floor must be flat, without weirs.

Price per set: canvas – Vento/Velino model, natural veneer Noce Canaletto Gloss, nominal size 60/70/80/90x200/210 cm, aluminum end edge and "hidden" door frame in Chrome Matt anodizing finish, sealer, hinges, magnetic lock.
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