Doors with transom

Doors with transom. FILOMURO LUX, Bianco matte enamel, hidden box in Chrome Matt finish.
A door with a transom. FILOMURO LUX, Alu, Vento, natural veneer Rovere Cenero. Aluminum end edge, hidden box and handle in Dark Brown finish.
Doors with transom. FILOMURO LUX, Alu, Vento, Dark Grey Lati natural veneer, hidden box and aluminum end edge in Piombo finish.
Technical solutions.

The transom - it is a technical solution when it is necessary to block a wide or high doorway, at the same time a part of the doorway will stay functional for the passage, another part becomes a decorative wall.

For each model in all collections, a solid or glass transom can be used to match the design of the door.

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