Interior doors covered with enamel

Doors that are covered with enamel, despite the large selection of materials for finishing, remain relevant in modern design. This is due to the fact that due to the use of special technologies, it is possible to make the door covering without shagreen. And the color palette is striking in its variety – light and dark shades, natural painted veneer in painting. In UNION, you can order high-quality interior doors with enamel coating.

What are the advantages of using enamel?

All doors presented in the catalog, painted with enamel, they have several advantageous characteristics:

  • A wide range of colors-from light matte to dark glossy. The bestseller is a white canvas. After all, it is white that designers use in all directions and styles, and the UNION company helps in this: a large selection of models, materials and installation options.
  • The thickness of the door leaf in painting is 45 mm. This ensures perfect geometry and high sound insulation. At the same time, the paint does not deform and does not swell.
  • Environmental friendliness of doors is an important criterion when creating дверей modern interiors. For interior models, water-based paints and lacquers are used, which are safe for humans and the environment.

To order doors, it is enough to choose a suitable solution from the catalog for interior openings. If you have any special requests for the appearance of the product, finishing and construction, just contact us – our specialists will answer all your questions online or by phone.

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