Interior doors with aluminum edge

Interior doors are an integral part of any interior. When choosing a door, it is important to take into account the design of the room where the installation is planned, and, of course, be aware of the latest innovative innovations. The range of doors offered by today's market is distinguished by stylistic diversity, quality and materialami finishes.
Interior doors with an aluminum edge are a modern technological solution that has a number of advantages over models without aluminum ends. The aluminum profile creates additional rigidity of the structure, provides increased wear resistance of the door leaf.
Aluminum edge pridIt not only gives the canvas an aesthetic uniqueness, but also eliminates the peeling of the edge and its tearing, as is possible in the case of manufacturing the end profile from other materials.
Doors with an aluminum edge from UNION can be covered with wallpaper, without fear of peeling and lifting the edges during operation.
An important role in the selection ofThe thickness of the canvas plays a role in the door. Russian manufacturers offer to buy interior doors with an aluminum edge, the thickness of the canvas of which usually does not exceed 30 –35 mm.
The UNION company one of the few in the domestic market presents interior doors with a thickness of 45 and 60 mm. Aluminum is available as an option.You have a straight profile and a profile with a quarter, respectively.
The thickness of the interior door guarantees its high resistance to deformation, gives the interior a solid unique look and provides additional sound insulation.
In addition, the installation of the door in a hidden door frame without platbands, the variability of the size range, where the maximum width of the canvas can reach 100 cm, and the height of 350 cm, as well as the possibility of installing a door "under the ceiling", will create a special entourage of the situation and visually increase the height of the room.
As for the edge, the presence of aluminum cladding around the perimeter of the door leaf not only gives a special style ст stethic to the doors, but also effectively transforms the interior, and also perfectly protects the canvas from mechanical damage. All these features make the installation of doors with an aluminum edge relevant not only in residential areas, but also in hotels, offices, hospitals, restaurants.
An interesting and unusual design solution will be the choice of the door frame, end profile and handle, painted in the same color. Such a concept will be close to those who want to design the interior in a single style.

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