Interior doors in the style of minimalism

Minimalism is not just a stylistic solution, but a real philosophy. It involves the creation of a harmonious and calm space, in which there is not a single superfluous detail. Therefore, minimalistic interiors in the modern world are becoming increasingly popular, as such solutions always look concise, elegant and appropriate in any room. To create an interior in this style, you can choose the doors in the company UNION.

How to choose doors for a minimalistic interior?

In this case, to pick up Mikansliding doors, it is enough to follow the following tips:

  • The main task is to free up and simplify the space, which means that you need to use a minimum number of decorative elements. Doors in a hidden door frame are best suited for this purpose.
  • When choosing a finish, you need to choose one of two solutions – either make the door invisible, or use it as an accent. "Invisible" interior doors simply repeat the decoration of the walls: they can be painted in the same color, use decorative plaster or wallpaper. If, Vice versa.If you want to focus on the door, you can make it high to the ceiling, or choose a contrasting finish of veneer, enamel, glass or porcelain stoneware.


The company's catalog presents doors in the style of minimalism in various modifications, which differ in functionality, durability and concise appearance. At the same time, it is possible to change the characteristics of the door, taking into account personal preferences. If you find it difficult to choose products in the spirit of minimalism, you are interested in questions about the materials used, the production time and the postPlease, just contact us–online or by phone.

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