Bolla wall panels – relief, structural pattern on natural veneer

COVER, Bolla
COVER, Bolla
COVER, Bolla
Description and features of the system
Model: Bolla – relief, structural pattern on natural veneer Noce Canaletto, the direction of the veneer pattern is only horizontal.

   The ”COVER” wall panel system from UNION is an excellent tool for creating exclusive and personalized interiors. The flexibility and versatility of the system allow solving a variety of decorative, architectural and technological tasks.

    "COVER” wall panels can be used for:
    – designing and wall cladding without preparation of the base;
    – organization of hidden doors and openings in the decoration together with the wall;
    – creating and increasing the level of thermal insulation;
    – providing a high level of sound insulation and acoustic comfort;
    – hiding and masking engineering communications.

  Solutions using "COVER" wall panels are widely used in the design of apartments, country houses, offices, cinemas, commercial and administrative premises, restaurants and cafes.

    The layout of the panels is determined by agreement, depending on the configuration of the walls and the actual dimensions. The panels are supplied ready for installation complete with the necessary accessories.
Additional work (milling, shaped cuts, hatches, color and size changes) is carried out on request.


Design and finishes
Types of designs and finishes of UNIFLEX–3D. Volumetric milling, natural veneer. Relief, structural 3D drawing.
  • Bolla, UB16 Noce Canaletto.

ALUMINIUM. Aluminum surface finishing.
  • AL09 Chrome Matt

  • AL08 Black

  • AL07 Dark Brown

  • AL06 Piombo

  • AL05 Bronze

  • AL04 Soft Bronze

  • AL02 Champagne

  • AL03 Soft Gold

Technical information

Technical solutions
Technical solutions
Technical diagrams
Technical diagrams

COVER, Bolla.
Price per m2 wall panels in the finish of UNIFLEX–3D, Veneer (volumetric 3D milling, natural veneer), Bolla model.
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