Sliding interior partition on the STRATUS mechanism

STRATUS-LAGO, translucent Trasparente Grafite glass, aluminum canvas frame in Dark Brown color. Sliding double-leaf partition in the opening, hidden track in the ceiling.
STRATUS-LAGO, frosted glass Glass Rocca Matt, aluminum canvas frame in Black color. Sliding double-leaf partition in the opening, hidden track in the ceiling.
STRATUS-LAGO, frosted glass Glass Grigio Fume Matt, aluminum canvas frame in Chrome Matt color. Sliding partition along the wall, hidden track in the ceiling.
STRATUS-LAGO, glossy glass Glass Grafite, aluminum canvas frame in Black color. Sliding partition along the wall, the track is visible with a wall mount.
Interior partition STRATUS-LAGO
Description of the collection

- Door leaf with a thickness of 45 mm. Aluminum frame around the perimeter: visible aluminum edging - 1.5 mm.
- Two safety glasses: GLASS LACCATO/LACCATO MATT – glossy painted glass/frosted painted glass; MIRROR – mirrors. Filling of the web: porous lightweight material - additional rigidity of the structure.
- Two safety glasses: TRANSPARENT GLASS – translucent glass. The perimeter of the glass on the width of the profile on the inside is painted black.
-Unique sliding system STRATUS – Patent UNION: all mechanisms (carriages and Soft Closing systems) - Made in Italy; monoblock rail, soft silent movement, smooth closing closers, framing with a system of super-strong neodymium magnets.
- Versatility of elements. The same tracks are used for hidden and visible mounting structures.
- Thanks to the use of aluminum trim for structures with a visible track, a sustained minimalistic interior design is provided. Removable platband makes it possible to service the mechanism during operation.
- There is no mechanical connection between the structural elements. Fastening is carried out using profiled hooks and neodymium super-strong magnets.
- Sliding system – in the finishing of the web profile. All aluminum guides and visible structural elements can be presented in 8 standard aluminum colors.
- Maximum dimensions: width up to 120 cm, height up to 300 cm.

Options for finishing the canvas
GLASS LACCATO. Glossy glass, painted / branded factory colors.
  • G01 Bianco

  • G02 Bianco Night

  • G03 Avorio

  • G06 Grigio Seta

  • G11 Tortora

  • G12 Sabbia

  • G13 Rocca

GLASS LACCATO MATT. Frosted glass, painted / factory brand colors.
  • GM01 Bianco Matt

  • GM02 Bianco Night Matt

  • GM03 Avorio Matt

  • GM06 Grigio Seta Matt

  • GM11 Tortora Matt

  • GM12 Sabbia Matt

  • GM13 Rocca Matt

TRANSPARENT & SATIN GLASS. Transparent and frosted tempered safety glass.
  • GT02 Trasparente Grafite

  • GT03 Trasparente Bronzo

MIRROR. Mirror.
  • M01 Mirror

  • M02 Mirror Grey

  • M03 Mirror Bronze

Options for finishing the track and the end edge of the canvas
ALUMINIUM. Finishing of aluminum surfaces.
  • AL09 Chrome Matt

  • AL08 Black

  • AL07 Dark Brown

  • AL06 Piombo

  • AL05 Bronze

  • AL04 Soft Bronze

  • AL02 Champagne

  • AL03 Soft Gold

Technical information


Construction STRATUS, canvas model LAGO, 80x210 cm, finish - LACCATO (matt enamel), aluminum frame of the canvas and rail visible in Chrome Matt finish with wall mounting.
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