Doors on a hidden door frame. Various finishes


Always available
hidden doors for painting
FILO–60, Fondo

Always in stock, ready for a quick
shipping unique doors
FILO–60 with a canvas thickness of 60 mm
in standard sizes 60/70/80 x 200/210/240 cm .


Important advantage
door leaf thickness

Thickness of ordinary doors from other manufacturers,
as a rule, it does not exceed 40 mm. Door leaf from
UNION has a thickness of 60 mm! Such doors have the best
sound insulation and durability. Except twow, they look
prestigious and add solidity to the interior.


Height up to 3.5 meters

A modern trend, relevant for
interiors made in different styles.
High doors visually "raise" the ceiling,
optically increasing the area and volume
premises. Reinforced door frame design and
the web provides strength and stability
during long–term operation.


Hidden door frame
with false door frame

The hidden INVISIBLE door frame is made entirely
made of aluminum and reinforced falshkorobom – additional
the mounting profile. This is the fundamental
the difference in the design of the hidden UNION door frame from the usual
hidden door frame available on the market. The rigid, reliable design is designed for long and intensive operation, including for
heavy doors. Initially , the door frame is anit is dressed in silver aluminum, but can be painted in the color of the wall or in any color according to the factory catalog.



Hidden door frame INVISIBLE is fine
integratesI'm in the wall and creates a single
the plane when opening the door "from the opening" and
"through the doorway." In addition, it is convenient to this door frame
to bring wall panels from various
materials – from wood to glass. In any
the variant preserves the coplanarity – unity
surfaces with a wall without protruding parts.


Delivery of the door frame assembly

Hidden INVISIBLE door frame can
delivered assembled. This is
means that a fully assembled door frame
with fixed mounting strips
ready to installke in the doorway.
Installers can only put
it vertically and fasten to the slopes
the opening. Thus significantly
the installation process is accelerated and simplified.


The profile of the false door frame is designed
longitudinal grooves into which are installed
the so–called calipers. This is a special
a fastening device that allows
when mounting, quickly adjust the position
door frame on the level and then securely fasten
the whole structure. It meanssignificantly accelerates
and simplifies the installation process. For each
the vertical rack of the INVISIBLE door frame
(and there are always two of them) the minimum is set
4 calipers each.

Пр–10.јрд Пр–11.јрд


INVISIBLE hidden door frame are supplied
with a special reinforcing mesh around the perimeter
aluminum door frame. This is a necessary detail when
the wall is plastered against the door frame and then painted.
The grid facilitates the osh processplastering and excludes
cracking of the wall surface.


Unity of finish

A very interesting and stylish option from UNION –
this is the possibility of a factory polymer pokraski
in the same color of all metal elements of the door
constructions. Unity of finishing of aluminum end
edges, door frame and handles create a unique
aesthetic integrity and conciseness.


Door with porch

UNION produces unique doors with a thickness of 60 mm
with the so–called "narthex". Sometimes instead of the word
the narthex is used by the term
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