GRAND-deep pantographed drawing

GRAND LUX GR01, Bianco matte enamel, Chameleon-N hidden box
GRAND LUX GR01, GRAND style wall panels, Bianco matt enamel, Chameleon-N hidden box.
GRAND-60, model GR01, wall panels, Grafite matte enamel, Potal Argento decor (silver edging). Hidden INVISIBLE box.
Doors GRAND-60 with 60 mm thick canvases on a hidden box in the finishes Laccato.
The hidden aluminum box is available in any of 9 possible finishes.

dimensions: width up to 90 cm, height up to 270 cm.
Door kit
Door kit

Technical information

Preparation of the doorway
1. Prepare the necessary dimensions of the opening L2/H2.
Attention! Having prepared openings for standard door sizesth, you save on the cost of doors! 2. The walls should be plastered verticallyat the same level (without deviations). Prepared for the application of finishing.
3. Floors. The door is installed at the level of the finishing floor. Necessary:
    - the presence of a finishing floor or a finishing screed with a level mark of the finishing floor;
    - floors should be flat, without differences.
Opening types
Swing door
Swing door
Double doors
Double doors
Door " under the ceiling"
Door with transom
Door with transom
PIVOT door
PIVOT door
Door with mirror
Door with mirror
<p>Sliding pocket door</p>

Sliding pocket door

Advantages of the Italian technology
Advantages of the Italian technology

Door frame finishing options

ALUMINIUM. Finishing of aluminum surfaces.
  • AL09 Chrome Matt

  • AL08 Black

  • AL07 Dark Brown

  • AL06 Piombo

  • AL05 Bronze

  • AL04 Soft Bronze

  • AL02 Champagne

  • AL03 Soft Gold

Video instruction 

Hidden box
Video instructions for installing a door with a hidden box

Price per set: 60 mm thick canvas, model "GR01" finished with Bianco matte enamel, conditional size 60/70/80x200/210 cm, hidden box in the finish - Chrome Matt anodizing, sealer, hidden hinges, magnetic lock.
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