Invisible baseboard MINI

Hidden aluminum skirting board MINI, Laccato Bianco insert.
<p>Invisible baseboard MINI</p>
Collection MINI, скрытый алюминиевый плинтус
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A modern and stylish solution that has improved a simple product. MINI flush–mounted floor skirting board is the perfect option for any interior.
Integrated into the wall paneling, the skirting board does not take up additional centimeters of space, simplifying the placement of furniture and creating the effect of absolute coplanarity with the wall.
The skirting board installed in the same plane with the wall does not form protrusions, while allowing you to lay hidden wiring and LED lighting.

* Easy to install
* Joint installation with hidden door frame
• Single plane
* Hygiene
* Acoustic insulation
* Unlimited variety of materials
* Simplification of plastering works
* Backlight
Technical diagrams
Technical diagrams

The price for one linear meter of aluminum skirting board MINI.
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