Aluminum interior doors with glass

Metal and glass are one of the main interior trends of this year. In the UNION assortment, the base metal is aluminum. And this is not for nothing. It is three times lighter than steel, durable and ductile, resistant to corrosion, and besides, 100% recyclable.

What are the advantages?

Let's take a closer look at what unique characteristics doors and partitions made of this material have:

  • Endurance. Aluminum doors are significantly superior in strength to plastic and wood models. They withstand mechanical impact, do not deform with fluctuations in humidity and air temperature.
  • Environmental friendliness and safety. The aluminum profile is environmentally friendly. It does not emit dangerous chemical compounds, therefore it is harmless to both humans and the environment.
  • Durability. Such doors do not require complex maintenance, while maintaining their original appearance for many years.
  • Freedom of design. Various finishes: from white and black to shades of bronze and gold give maximum freedom for design.

With the right selection of interior elements, the door will harmoniously fit into any space and complement the overall style and color scheme.

How to choose?

An impressive catalog of interior doors allows you to choose the model and its configuration that is ideal for you:

  • Different versions of door frame, aluminum profiles and platbands.
  • The ability to select the color and texture of the finish on the door leaf and platbands, including "made of stone".
  • More than 35 variants of injury–proof glass. It can be reflective and light–transmitting, mirror or painted color.
  • Additionally, models of handles and silent locks are selected – a handle in color, an insert in the handle made of the same material as the canvas.
  • The aluminum door is made according to individual sizes, which is especially important when designing non–standard openings.


When you choose the design of the doors, first you should pay attention on the general style of the room. We can offer you not only the doors, but also the furniture, the partitions and the dressing rooms in the same style – our experts will help you with the best solution.

Where to buy?